Silk Sourcing Guide
The latest 'Silk Sourcing Guide' was released in 2008 and is a comprehensive information digest for all the sourcing needs of Silk from India. The sourcing guide contains all updated information about the silk exporters, manufacturers, traders, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers of vanya silk products, raw silk suppliers, silk machinery manufacturers etc. This will help the importers, exporters, traders, retailers, designers and other users of silk value chain to know about the sources of silk manufacturing in India.
Price in India : Rs 250.00
     (including postage charges + taxes)
Price for other countries: US $ 20.00
(including postage charges + taxes)
The Silk Sourcing Guide can be purchased from the following offices -
Silk Mark Vogue
Silk Mark Vogue is an International styled magazine published by Silk Mark Organisation of India. The magazine is published quarterly with special focus about silk and Silk Mark in non- technical parlance. The magazine has educational article on silk, technology, Fashion, Expos, Consumer related information this can be a useful read for general consumers, Manufacturers of silk, Traders, designers and all other stake holders of silk value chain

Contact for further details:
Alok Kumar (Executive Editor)
Mobile : 09819565597
Silk Mark Organisation Of India,
Central Silk Board, CSB Complex,
B.T.M. Layout, Madivala
Bangalore- 560 068
+91 80 26282114/2117
+91 80 26689356
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